The built form is a cuboid with the voids within designed to accommodate the fenestrations in the form of windows and balconies. The minimalist landscape design becomes a foreground of the built form.

Wilasa is a luxurious villa designed on a plot size of 80X60ft with the built space spanning across half the site and the other half is well utilized for landscape design.

The facade design is minimalistic with plaster finish horizontal grooves incorporated along with vertical wooden slats to give a modern look to the built form.

The voids within the built form lends it character in the form of fenestration and accommodates features that are both aesthetic and functional. The addition of skylights and double height spaces makes the interior more stylish with a hint of sophistication. It also ensures that each space receives ample amount of light and ventilation.

The house is divided into four floors with the focus on the spatial planning.The ground level contains an office space, parking area and a multi-purpose space along with a kitchen designed to transition seamlessly into the garden.

The first floor is dedicated to the family with all private spaces like the kitchen, dining and living spaces located there.The second floor is designed to be completely private with the bedrooms located there. The stairs continue up to a third floor that provides access to the entertainment zone that houses a home theatre, gym and a roof garden.