#204: Linear house
The long linear house plan is optimal to take make the most of the sun and breeze.

This residential project is located in Vakil Garden City, Bengaluru and is a multi-dwelling 6 bedroom residence designed keeping the mandate standards defined by the gated community.

The design for this project is based entirely on the context provided by the site, climate, surroundings and client’s need for two dwellings in a single plot. One of the main features of the residence is the intersection of the inclined planes that defines the roof and also lends a traditional touch to the otherwise modern design.

The planning is done in a manner that the spaces are split on different levels, from the lower ground to the first floor. The linear aspect of the plot is reflected in the exteriors as well as the interiors of the house. The external façade is defined by the two exposed concrete walls that blends into the entrance of the two dwellings on either end of the plot. The double height internal spaces (visible from the outside) introduce grandeur to the space with clever illumination enhancing the overall look.

The interior design of the residence is an extension of the architectural aesthetics of the building. The unique features like the mezzanine spaces, double heights and the skylight capturing natural light from all angles become the identity of the house.